Tooth-Colored Fillings

White Dental Fillings in Northeast Dallas

Tooth Colored Fillings in Dallas, TX - Skillman Family DentistryIf you are hesitant to have your teeth restored with metal fillings, good news is here! Our dentist uses white, tooth-colored materials to fill teeth with cavities or minor chipped areas, so they look natural and give you back a beautiful smile. No need to wait for weeks. At Skillman Family Dentistry, we can place white fillings in your teeth during a single visit.

Dr. Henry can use white fillings for the teeth in front as well as those in back. Patients usually prefer these to gold or silver ones. After he removes all the decayed areas, Dr. Henry permanently bonds the tooth-colored material onto the tooth where it provides support as well as a tight seal to keep further decay from occurring. Durable white fillings are also used to replace damaged metal ones and to repair chipped teeth.

White fillings let you laugh, talk, and smile with confidence, knowing all your teeth look healthy and natural. Call our office today at (469) 998-9822 to make your appointment for natural-looking white fillings.