Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Northeast Dallas

Teeth Whitening in Dallas, TX - Skillman Family DentistryA beautiful white smile tells the world you are healthy and happy. With modern cosmetic dentistry, bright, white teeth can be a reality for nearly everyone. The team at Skillman Family Dentistry will help select the teeth whitening method that is perfect for you.

Whitening teeth at home is the preferred method for many people. At-home treatments usually take from two to six weeks for noticeable whitening of the enamel to occur, depending on the natural color of your teeth. Teeth with darker stains take longer to lighten than mildly yellow ones. We also provide in-office treatments with chairside whitening that quickly produces noticeable results.

If you’re looking to remove food and drink stains or simply want to appear young, please call us at (469) 998-9822 to schedule an appointment.