Removable Dentures

Removable Complete Dentures in Northeast Dallas

Dentures in Dallas, TX - Skillman Family DentistryIf you are missing all your natural teeth, full dentures can help restore your ability to smile, speak, and chew your food. We have provided dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants for many happy patients at Skillman Family Dentistry.

Full dentures are recommended when all or most of the teeth are missing from the upper arch, the lower arch, or both. Artificial teeth, which come in many shapes and colors, attach to a pink base that fits over your natural gum tissue. Dentures are made either immediately after teeth loss or after your teeth have been missing for many years. Modern dental materials and technologies allow Dr. Henry to fabricate beautiful removable dentures that fit snuggly against your gums and restore your ability to eat and laugh with confidence.

At your first appointment, Dr. Henry will take time to explain the process of making custom-fabricated dentures to meet your unique situation. Dial (469) 998-9822 today to learn more and set an appointment.