Dental Implants

Affordable Teeth Replacement in Northeast Dallas

Dental Implants in Dallas, TX - Skillman Family DentistryIf you have one or even many missing teeth, we can help at Skillman Family Dentistry. Using dental implants, Dr. Henry can replace your tooth or teeth in a way that restores your natural ability to chew and smile.

Think of dental implants as artificial roots that are placed under your gums or in the bone of your jaw. Over a few weeks, the natural bone and gum tissue grows around and through the implant, anchoring it into the jaw just like a real tooth root.

After the implant area has completely healed, permanent crowns or dentures are bonded to them, replacing the natural teeth. These crowns or dentures function exactly like your original teeth. They do not slip or click when you talk, and they protect the facial bone and tissue from premature aging.

Dr. Henry tailors his implant placement procedure depending on your unique situation. With advanced, modern dental implant technology, you do not need to endure the hardship of missing teeth. Call us at (469) 998-9822 today to schedule an implant consultation.