Deep Cleanings

Teeth Scaling and Root Planing in Northeast Dallas

Deep Cleanings, Scaling and Root Planing in Dallas, TX - Skillman Family Dentistry Sometimes thick deposits accumulate on your teeth and under your gums. When this happens, routine cleanings are no longer effective for removing the deposits or restoring your gums to optimal health.

Deep cleaning, sometimes called “scaling and root planing,” is a procedure that removes the heavy accumulation of hard deposits or calculus from your teeth and gums. Dr. Henry’s team uses instruments that remove the deposits while gently flushing out the bacteria from under your gums and between your teeth. The roots are then smoothed to aid healing and make new accumulation of plaque and hard deposits more difficult.

Bacterial plaque and calculus deposits cause gum infections, or gingivitis, and the more serious periodontitis, infections in the bone that supports the teeth. Removing the deposits is the only way to stop these infections and restore your mouth to good health.

If you are noticing bleeding from your gums, bad breath, or can see yellow deposits along the gumline, you may need to have your teeth scaled and root planed. Call Skillman Family Dentistry today at (469) 998-9822 to schedule an appointment to address all your oral health needs.